Here is our call for adventure:
Embark with us in an intensive learning journey in the Fundraising and Innovation archipelago.
Fear not for the stormy waters and learning challenges! This pocket guide will be your trustful friend, your compass to lead you and your colleagues towards a collection of non-formal activities that are fun, experiential, easy to follow and rich in practical tips & tricks. This will equip you with the essential knowledge, key-competencies, and the optimum mindset to grow your Youth organisation, and plan fundraising and participatory activities.

We will explore together 5 islands:
Island 1: Social Innovation Intelligence
Island 2: Learning Intelligence
Island 3: Economic Intelligence
Island 4: Organisational Intelligence
Island 5: Evaluation Intelligence

On each and single one of them you will find a collection of self-directed missions that you can take with your team members.

Are you ready?