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ABF, is a network of European organisations, based in. Brussels, Belgium. Since 2016 we are engaged in the field of human capital development by providing international education and training mobility opportunities for young people, adults and teachers. Our focus is on investing on expertise, creativity and enthusiasm to shape a knowledge ecosystem, based on the development of skills and competences for the benefit of individuals, public institutions, civil society and public society as a whole, finally contributing to growth and ensuring equity, prosperity and social inclusion in Europe and beyond.
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Arcola Research is a limited liability partnership (LLP) – an independent research organisation based in London and established in 2007. It works in the following areas: technology development; evaluation; social science research; organisational development; project management. The organization works on a ‘distributed’ organisational structure. It has five core partners and is supported by a network of around 25 Associates in a range of EU countries. In addition, it belongs to an extensive network of international institutions, researchers and evaluators that gives access to a worldwide knowledge base and community of practice.  


The Association Paredes for Social Inclusion (APPIS) was created in 2007 by a group of entrepreneurs (42) that pretended to give their contribute and demonstrate their social responsibility for social inclusion by the education. In this moment the association has 6 professionals. The core business is work in social inclusion through education.  The association is dedicated to activities that rises the skills of students and their families in order to scholar success. The strategic objective of APPIS is fighting school failure and school dropout through the prevention and remediation of risk factors and by inducing external factors of success.


Gide was created in 1995 by a team of enthusiasts  from the world of research institutes. We pioneered our sector in France putting online our first study  in 1998. Our team is formed by research professionals, statisticians, experienced developers. This makes  Gide a Digital Services Company in the field of technology applied to social studies and marketing.   The experience and the knowledge   gained insofar allow us to offer  suitable response to specific needs.  Our  huge wealth of expertise ensures that we give you the best  support, developement, innovation and service.


iFund thus operates in the belief that making these realities grow and helping them on a path to sustainability has an impact not only on them, but on all of us.

The scope of its work is the development of charitable and philanthropic organizations and the financing of good causes. iFund pursues this scope through co-planning and accompanying no profit organizations in their fundraising and development strategy and applies a Taylor Made approach based on the needs of the organizations.

Xano Channel 

XANO CHANNEL is a non profit association  founded in 2010, located in Valencia (Spain). The members of the association are secondary and VET teachers, inspectors of education, trainers and other professionals in the field of  formal and non formal education.  To promote active citizenship, personal and professional growth, employability, non formal education and the effective use of ICT among people and organizations. The activities and objectives of the organization are inspired by the PRINCIPLES of: Equal opportunities for disadvantaged people and between men and women, Intercultural education, Peaceful coexistence, Collaborative working.


Monomyths Association is a not-for-profit organisation which design international learning experiences focused on personal growth, self-awareness and skills development for adults, young people and youth workers.

Our main expertise and our initiatives have at the core 4 complementary topics:

  • Positive intelligence: Become mentally fit to handle great challenges, be happier and perform better
  • Talent management- Take the path to discover your talents and passions
  • Creativity activation – Try out simple and efficient techniques to activate your creativity
  • Entrepreneurship education – Cultivate your entrepreneurial mindset with play, empathy, creation, experimentation and reflection